Taste of Wet Sisters (2023)

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Ye-seo and her older sister, Ye-jin, are living together due to a sudden reassignment. Despite Ye-jin initially being unhappy about the situation, they eventually find happiness in their sisterly bond. However, Ye-jin is struggling with her relationship with her lover, Kyeong-soo, and decides to end things with him. Despite feeling that Kyeong-soo is a good person, she doesn’t find him exciting anymore. So, she confides in Ye-seo and suggests that she takes Kyeong-soo instead.

At the same time, Ye-jin finds herself attracted to Ye-seo’s lover, Soo-cheol. When Soo-cheol comes over to fix a light at their house, Ye-jin seizes the opportunity to seduce him and they end up having sex while Ye-seo is away. On the other hand, Ye-seo also calls upon Kyeong-soo for help with her computer work, but has ulterior motives. She seduces him and they also engage in a sexual encounter.

And so, the secret and forbidden sexual relationship between the flirtatious sisters, Ye-jin and Ye-seo, begins as they swap lovers with each other.

Date: November 24, 2023