Tasty Aunt (2020)

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synopsis :

A family comes to minjae’s house, where he lived alone. A combustion that decided to live in minjae’s house in a crazien. Minjae is intrigued by this combustion after a long time. One day, The Sinua goes to minjae’s house to pick up things and meets the light. It is tempting to keep the number of cases intact. Minjae finds out about the number of cases and the number of calls. Dahae meets minjae and shek par, and makes frequent contacts. Min Jae is angry at the number of people wearing only underwear in their own homes. She comes out to meet her friend After a long time. After drinking, dado joins the group looking at the number of minjae and the number of minjae that followed. That night, Minjae finds out that he is drunk, he is a combustion and a private affair, and that He is not in a relationship with Minjae. The next day, she knows the relationship between daande and the number of cases, and brings the four people together.

Date: August 12, 2020
Actors: Sae Bom I / Sang Woo / Si Woo