The First Night With The Farming In Laws (2022)

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A young woman and her mother are on their way to meet her daughter’s boyfriend and his family for the first time. As they arrive at the house, they are greeted warmly by the boyfriend and his parents. The mother is a stunning and confident woman who commands attention wherever she goes. The father of the boyfriend is immediately struck by her beauty, but he tries to keep his thoughts to himself.

As they all sit down to chat and get to know each other, the father finds himself unable to take his eyes off the mother. He finds himself drawn to her intelligence and charm, and he enjoys hearing her stories about her life and experiences. The group shares a few drinks and laughter, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed.

As the night wears on, the mother and the father find themselves growing closer, and they share a moment of intimacy that they both know will change their relationship forever. They both realize that they are drawn to each other in a way that they can’t ignore.

Date: March 6, 2023
Actors: Han Seok Bong