The girl from upstairs who admired the black man (2023)

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An upstairs college girl with a penchant for big things becomes addicted to the big things of her downstairs landlord instead of her boyfriend. Min-soo and Joo-hee are newlyweds and should be having a blast, but they’re worried about their mortgage interest. They decide to rent out the upstairs to pay off their mortgage.

Soon after, college student Soo-jin moves in upstairs. Min-soo develops a sexual crush on Soo-jin when he accidentally overhears her masturbating in the sour room while looking for remote control batteries. As Soo-jin’s school and Min-soo’s company are close to each other, he drives her to work and gets to know her better, but as Min-soo masturbates in his room thinking about Soo-jin, he is caught by Soo-jin, who is surprised to see Min-soo’s penis.

Meanwhile, Soo-jin’s boyfriend Dae-chul arrives to pick up Soo-jin’s school assignment and sees Min-soo’s wife Joo-hee doing a home workout, and Min-soo becomes sexually attracted to Joo-hee as he teaches her stretches… The conflicting sexual desires of a college couple and a newlywed couple.

Date: October 22, 2023