The Girl Next Door 2 (2020)

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synopsis :
Husband and wife with young sister-in-law, the couple’s staggering desire with a young classmate! The end?

Her husband, Sejin, is not interested in his wife, Ahae, as a woman. Ahae is just a pathetic husband. In fact, Sejin is having an affair with Ahae’s young and beautiful brother, Ara, and his wife. After suffering from depression due to work addiction, He receives alumni message and attends a change of mood. There, i meet my childhood sweetheart, Ahae, who is still in great shape. She is lonely because of her husband’s carelessness and the carelessness of her husband and the way she approached her for counseling. I’m trying to get back to each other’s daily routines after being led overnight by each other as if i’m aware of each other’s loneliness, but i can’t forget the ahae, and i think about the touch of The Ahae Station Gunhoo all night. Will they be able to go back to their daily routines?

Date: October 26, 2020