The Purpose Of The Caddy (2021)

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synopsis :
An erotic film about the lust and greed of two men and women who are intertwined with a brother and sister.
Disappointed after his divorce, Do-hun lives with his younger sister So-mi. Do-hun’s only pleasure is drinking with his sister boyfriend. So-mi, who was helping Do-hun’s company, started dating Kyung-sik, whom she met there, and Do-hoon, who had always liked him, often called him over to his house and became a drinking buddy so that the two of them got closer. However, So-mi is sorry for her older brother Do-hun, who is become more and more lonely, so she recommends him remarriage. After a while, Do-hun brings Ji-yeon, who was a caddy at the golf course he frequents, to his house and introduces her to So-mi. So-mi also welcomes Ji-yeon, but Kyung-sik, who comes home as usual, is embarrassed to see Ji-yeon, Do-hun’s woman, whom he met there. What really happened between Kyung-sik and Ji-yeon?

Date: March 16, 2022