Wet Men And Women (2021)

watch korean porn movie – Wet Men And Women (2021) full
synopsis :
Byeong-gyu and Min-joo have a happy marriage. Jin-hyeok, the younger brother who lives with his older sister, is a lover of porn. was caught watching porn by his brother-in-law while his sister was out, showed his brother-in-law porn scenes of an adult actor named Yeon-joo, which has become an issue recently. Min-joo, feeling lonely because he doesn’t feel satisfied in his sex life, scolds Byung-gyu. Unable to bear it, Byung-gyu confesses to Min-joo that he can’t get an erection except watching videos of adult actors playing them. Min-joo, curious about the adult actor’s acting, finds out that Yeon-joo is a high school student, calls Yeon-joo and tells about her husband’s situation. Yeon-joo arrives at Min-joo’s house after a long time, meets Jin-hyeok, as well as his brother-in-law who is a fan of hers, who only gets erections in her videos. Seeing the condition of his brother-in-law, Yeon-joo proposes to Min-joo a plan to cure his brother-in-law…

Date: June 8, 2022