When a Hot Night Opens (2021)

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synopsis :
Seong-jun, who was assigned to work at a rural school, meets Ji-hee, the owner at the hairdresser’s salon where he goes to get a haircut on the first day of his appointment and falls in love at first sight. However, ‘Ji-hee’ was already married to ‘Myung-seok’, and ‘Myung-seok’, who had gone to work abroad, had not returned for several years. he can’t confess his unrequited love to her, but it’s been two years since then.
The day before heading back to Seoul. Seong-jun, who has never been able to convey his feelings to ‘Ji-hee’, because of his unique timid personality, finally moves to the hairdresser’s salon thinking that it will be the last time… At the same time, fellow teachers ask for a seat for Seong-jun’s farewell party, so Ji-hee is invited. Seong-jun, who tries to convey his feelings to her somehow, avoiding the gaze and interference of other people…
Time keeps passing and the drinking party gradually changes into a strangely erotic atmosphere… Ji-Hee has a secret, her husband, Myeong-seok broke up their marriage because of an affair at the same time as they got married, and they didn’t tell the village this fact, so everyone believed that Myeong-seok would come back someday. Seong-jun, who has confirmed Ji-hee’s secret shares a dangerous and passionate love with Ji-hee…

Date: September 9, 2021