Wife And Wife (2019)

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synopsis :
The shadow of an ordinary housewife, Minji, is cast. Unlike her husband(Ingyu), who runs a resort business, she has neither had children until years after her marriage. The husband and family members who invested time and money to make a baby eventually decide to take on the surrogate mother, and they are introduced to the surrogate mother with a feeling of self-destruct ingenuinal pressure from the mother-in-law, who knocks on the front door in the name of the surrogate mother. From her husband’s past cohabitation and abortion history… Minji is uncomfortable with the appearance of her surrogate mother, Jung-a, who knows her father’s side, but her husband, Ingyu, is increasingly attracted to the charm of a low-key, sexy child, unlike his wife. Minji, who was driven to the edge of a cliff, asks her to dry her, but instead falls into his trap as a substitute for his runaway wife, Jeong-a, while her surrogate son takes the place of minji, like a crow laying eggs in another man’s nest.

Date: November 12, 2020