Young Husband Young Daddy (2017)

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synopsis :
Seok-hoon sends his only daughter, “1,” who was rattled at a young age, to Study abroad in Japan, and is a married dad who lives alone alone. One day, “1” secretly returns home to his dad and spends a hot night with his boyfriend, “Dongsu.” “1” decides to stay at home with his Japanese friend Lisa for school holidays, and Seok-hoon keeps a close eye on Lisa. One plans a trip with Dongsu and is away for a few days, and Lisa and Seok-hoon are baffled by Lisa’s actions. However, she can not sow the coming Lisa in close touch with herself, and she divides the love. The once-shared ortho conversation continues one after the other, and Seokhoon and Lisa spend a few days like sweet lovers.

Date: December 8, 2020
Actors: Jo Wan Jin / Lisa