Young Mother 5 (2020)

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synopsis :

While searching for a competent private education cody to send a talented private education cody to send the re-enrolled son Sehyuk to medical school, jisook, a well-paid mother, succeeded in recruiting a high-priced entrance examination kodi “starring” who selected only the best students of the small elite by introducing them around. Next door, the 3-year-old examinee Eun-tae’s dad, Nam Jae, also heard rumors and contacted the “star” to get an appointment. Sehyuk and Eun-tae’s parents, who are in a strange competitive situation, are in a strange situation when they enter into a strange rivalry, and ‘Starring’ eventually agrees with the two families to divide the day of the week and go to and from both houses to teach Sehyuk and Eun-tae, but the 3-year-old examinee Eun-tae is not interested in medical college, and is only busy with his girlfriend and the girlfriend, and Sehyuk begins to be the extra-most of the non-starter of the entrance exam.

Date: August 2, 2020