Younger Sister 2 (2019)

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synopsis :
My sisters’ revolt! Oppa~ I’m better than my sister…
Ji-hoon lives in his brother’s house. One day, Jin-soo brings her marriage partner Lia and her younger sister, Ye-mi. Ji-hoon fell in love with Yemi. After a while, Lia and Jin-soo leave the house saying they are preparing for marriage, and Ji-hoon goes to Ye-mi’s room to talk. Yemi is sleeping in a disheveled outfit. When he want to wakes her up, he boldly molest her body. After Ji-hoon left, Yemi woke up. her underwear is off and she’s puzzled because her pussy is hurt. A few days later, Ji-hoon does the same thing again. Yemi wakes up in the middle and threatening him that she would report him. But Ji-hoon already knew her weak spot and made her unable to speak because of great pleasure. Unfortunately Leah sees it by chance.
After a while, Jin-soo left the house after arguing over a trivial matter. Leah, who drank too much finally comes to Jin-soo

Date: July 19, 2021
Actors: Bo Ra / Cha Serin / Ji Sung