69th Street Tutor Yuk Deokjin (2021)

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A sexual film about an accidental relationship between a tutor and a student during a drinking party and the episodes entangled in it.
One-on-one special tutoring class for glamor young juniors! Senior, don’t just look at my body, look at the book!
Dae-jin, who was tutored by Min-young, Soo-jin’s junior, because she made a speech mistake with her college junior, Su-jin, hurts her pride that Dae-jin is being tutored by her younger brother for a long time. Dae-jin reveals this to his close junior, Soo-jin’s classmate, Min-ho. In fact, Minho is Sujin’s ex-boyfriend. Min-ho comes out of Dae-jin’s house and sees Min-yeong, who is Dae-jin’s tutor, Soo-jin’s junior. One day, Dae-jin, who has been drinking with Su-jin and Min-young, gets excited and drinks to the fullest, but the film cuts off. The next day, Min-young’s suspicious Su-jin finds out what happened between Min-yeong and Dae-jin…​

Date: August 31, 2022