A Mans Friend And A Married Womans Affair (2022)

Watch korean porn movie – A Mans Friend And A Married Womans Affair (2022) full.


The thrilling cohabitation of a lonely married woman and a virgin who changes men every day for sex, due to her husband’s infidelity. Yeongin tries to alleviate her loneliness alone due to her husband’s frequent business trips, but the reason for his long business trips is because he is having an affair with another woman. Yeongin offers a vacant room to her junior, Yura, until she finds a place to live. Yura freely has sex with her boyfriend one day and a male friend the next day, and lonely Yeongin can only envy her. Yura, who is dissatisfied with her own desires due to the lack of intimacy with her husband, ends up asking her boyfriend to have sex with her senior, Yeongin…

Date: April 25, 2023