Taming Romantic Sister (2021)

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synopsis :
Hyeon-woo runs into his step-sister Suzy who suddenly came to the house. In fact, when the two lived in the same house, they fell in love with each other and when they got to know each other’s feelings, Hyeonu immediately left the house.
Hyeon-woo, unable to refuse Suzy, who came to see him, who had been rushing to avoid him, becomes honest in his heart for a moment. However, he soon realizes the reality and cannot accept Suzy’s heart. Minju, the stepbrother, who came to visit Hyeon-woo in place of Suzy, who was wounded. Minju also confesses her feelings to Hyeonu…

Date: January 17, 2022
Actors: Ha Yeon / Jung In / Soo Ji