Another Breeding (2021)


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synopsis :
Do-min goes to get money from Bo-yeong and becomes in love with her. However, Do-min shouldn’t be like that. Bo-yeong is just something he has to exploit. Do-min lifts Bo-yeong, his heart never stops for her. Bo-yeong, sensing other people’s feelings for her begins to take advantage of him to get out of slavery. Bo-yeong, along with Jun-ho tries to get rid of slavery using the people, but is stopped by Seong-hee. Seong-hee tries to sell Bo-yeong and Jun-ho to Do-chool, and Bo-young tries her best to overcome the crisis. Bo-yeong and Jun-ho finally succeed in defeating Seong-hee. Bo-yeong enjoys her success by taking revenge on Seong-hee and the others, but is attacked by Jun-ho. Bo-yeong is plotted to become a slave by Jun-ho.

Date: July 31, 2021