Aunt Temptation 3 (2020)

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Synopsis :

Tae-hoon, who is frustrated by his young and sexy aunt and desired college nephew’s painful cohabitation ~ who is aproud of his college life by entering medical school and lodging at his mother’s old friend’s house, enters the boarding house without concealing his disappointment, and is happy to see the mature body and beauty of the landlord. On a day when she is drooling over her immaculate skin and sexy-eyed aunt, she sees her naked on the Internet while secretly peeking into her room. After that, Tae-hoon finds himself in the face of her aunt’s friend, but her desire steadily grows. He confides in his friend Minwook about his troubles, and minwook suggests that his aunt’s friend be criminalized with a weapon. Upon returning home, Tae-hoon looked at his aunt’s friend’s room and comforted himself, and suddenly opened tae-hoon’s visit! Can Tae-hoon have sex with his aunt?

Date: July 18, 2020