Extramarital Affair (2021)

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synopsis :
With Jo-ah’s permission, Si-hoo decides to bring his close older brother Sang-woo and his wife into the house because of a fire. However, when Sang-woo and his wife enter Si-hoo’s house, Si-hoo is shocked to see Sang-woo’s wife, Chae-won. This is because Chae-won was a woman who had been sexually and materially exploited and thrown away in the past. Meanwhile, Jo-ah is also surprised to see Sang-woo for the first time because she has acted like a flower snake to Sang-woo in the past, embezzling money and leaving. Si-hoo and Jo-ah are the owners of the house, but they start to feel withdrawn and had sinister idea. But, surprisingly, Sang-woo and Chae-won is the one who sexually abuse Si-hoo and Jo-ah in the end, and they get revenge.

Date: January 7, 2022