Credit Rotating money (2020)

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synopsis :
New born couple Nani and Jun-seo leave the stuffy Seoul and challenge them to start a café in a rural area. Regardless of her husband’s efforts for relationship lines, his wife Nani has long been involved in an accident that she never thought of enjoying sex outdoors as usual. It’s an absurd amount for Nani, who has relied on her husband’s economic power since before marriage. Nani knelt down to the knees of the victim’s spear after distress, but the farmer’s son-in-law stubbornly dug into her weaknesses and demanded a humiliating physical relationship. As Nani continues her precarious row ingenuity as she falls into the sexual lynching of a rural village, her husband, Jun-seo, who has been dissatisfied with his wife, Nani, begins to open her eyes to her unique sexual taste seductively in the charm of a young and provocative part-time student. What is the fate of the farmers, Chang-soo, who imprisoned these couples, and the identity of the blue children and the cobwebs?

Date: October 28, 2020