Roommate (2021)

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synopsis :
Hye-eun finds a new roommate because her house is large. Ye-hwa, who lives with her, makes a contract with her because the house is cheap. However, it was not easy for two people with different lifestyles to live together, and Ye-hwa was dissatisfied with Hye-eun, who casually brought men. Meanwhile, Hye-eun’s new boyfriend, Hyun-seong, comes to visit at will, and Ye-hwa, who was at home alone, knows that he is a thief and calls the police when a stranger enters the house. Hye-eun, who returned home late, urges Hyun-seong, “Don’t come to me on your own, even if you’re my boyfriend.” Hyeon-seong and his close brother, Kyung-min, get drunk and he goes to Hye-eun’s house, but Ye-hwa is alone in the house. He tries to go back, saying that without Hye-eun, he collapses. The next day, Hyun-seong is surprised to find out that the place he woke up from is none other than Hye-eun’s house, so he tries to leave, but on the way out, he sees Hye-eun and a man with a familiar face lovingly coming home from afar.

Date: October 7, 2021
Actors: Dahee / Gil Dong / Tommy / Yu Ji Hyun