Daughter Friend Better Than My Wife (2021)

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This korean film revolving around the relationship of a schoolgirl and her father’s best friend uncle. Se-mi’s father has a close friend since they both enlisted in the army, often coming to Se-mi’s house to play. This uncle also has a wife and is a player of the “rooftop” system. Se-mi is also quite close to this uncle, every time the two of them come to talk about forgetting about heaven and earth. Many times, the two of us joked about Se-mi, but being my wife would be much better than my current “rooftop”. One day, this uncle came over to play when her parents were away, and she was sitting on the toilet. Seeing his granddaughter revealing her bottom half, the uncle couldn’t help it.

Date: September 13, 2022
Actors: James / Si Woo