Home Massage Parlor Special Service (2022)

Watch korean porn movie – Home Massage Parlor Special Service (2022) full.
Min-A and So-Hee are two individuals who run a massage parlor in a typical family home. Hyun-Gu, who was introduced to the establishment by a regular customer named Seung-Mo, visits the household massage parlor and embarks on a new journey of discovery and relaxation.

One day, while seeking out So-Hee, Hyun-Gu unexpectedly runs into Min-A who has returned home after her business trip was unexpectedly cancelled. As the three of them spend time together, Min-A begins to seduce and tempt Hyun-Gu with the help of So-Hee, leading to a potentially intriguing and unpredictable series of events.

Date: February 12, 2023