Exchange Sex With A Friend Couple (2019)

watch korean porn movie – Exchange Sex With A Friend Couple (2019) full
synopsis :
The lewd imagination of the wives who started their job becomes a reality! Tonight, covet a friend’s husband.
One day, Hye-ri tells her friend Joo-hee about her worries. Hye-ri, who has not been in a relationship with her husband Seok-min for several months, says that she needs some stimulation and recommends a couple swapping. Hesitating Hye-ri, Joo-hee invites her husband to persuade her husband to help. Joo-hee and Byeong-ho, who enjoy a promiscuous sex life, look forward to swapping with the innocent Hye-ri…
Joo-hee gets a call from Hye-ri that she has persuaded her husband, and immediately sets up a swap with Hye-ri.

Date: October 24, 2021
Actors: Dahee / Ji Sung / Kang Min Woo