Office Lady – The Boss’s Toy (2022)

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In the heart of the rugged mountains lies a shabby villa, owned by the notorious womanizer Noh Hak-jae. With a penchant for hunting women, he has already kidnapped the beautiful and young Kang Joo-ok, keeping her captive in his mountain abode.

One fateful day, the adventurous couple, Shin Bon, consisting of the daring Im Min-soo and his wife, the stunning Yoo Sun-hee, stumble upon Noh Hak-jae’s lair. As the sly Noh Hak-jae sets his sights on Sun-hee, he feeds Min-soo a sedative to incapacitate him.

Under the spell of Hak-jae’s charms, Sun-hee finds herself drawn to him, while Min-soo indulges in an illicit affair with the kidnapped Joo-ok. But their passion is short-lived as Hak-jae uncovers their secret liaison, setting off a chain of events that will test their loyalties and courage.

Will Min-soo and Sun-hee escape the clutches of Noh Hak-jae, or will they fall prey to his insidious plans? Find out in this thrilling tale of love, lust, and deception amidst the treacherous mountains.

Date: March 1, 2023