Extraordinary Memories (2018)

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synopsis :

Don’t go sir! Secret tutoring with the apprentice begins! Sejin, who attends a prestigious university, has a rich and pretty girlfriend, Min-hye. Sejin is becoming increasingly irritated by her relationship with Min-hye, and she is introduced to an introductory application by her friend, Muhyuk. Through the introductory app, i meet a woman who needs a sudden transfer, and she is Sul-hee, who was sejin’s tutor a few years ago. Sejin, who had been ignored and stressed by Sulhee, accidentally sees her diary while meeting him for the purpose of making her self-deprecation, and finds out that her first love is her. Sejin learns sulhee’s true intentions, and she gets better. Then one day, While she confessed her love to Sulhee, she found out about her relationship with Sulhee and minhye, who has a high-ranking civil servant father, threatened sejin not to dream of becoming a civil servant if she didn’t clean up her relationship, and what kind of choice would Sejin make?

Date: August 13, 2020