Fish Market Live Fisherman (2020)

watch korean porn movie – Fish Market Live Fisherman (2020) full
symopsis :
Yeojin, a live fish-like woman who can’t control her libido by just touching her body. Her husband, Jung Hyuk, feels extremely tired and goes to the hospital. As a result of the examination, a tumor in the brain develops and is judged for a time limit of 3 months, and is frustrated with loss of life’s will. Jung Hyuk’s best friend, Moon Seong, knows that Jung Hyuk has been sentenced to a limited time and wants to give him a present. In pursuit of a meeting with Ji-ae for Jung-hyeok, who cannot forget his first love, Ji-ae, Jung-hyeok spends a hot night with his first love. Jeong Hyuk rediscovered his will in life. In the meantime, Moon-sung approaches Yeo-jin and has an inappropriate relationship, and Jung-hyuk talks about his relationship with Yeo-jin. (google translated)

Date: February 17, 2021