Good Bachelor (2020)

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synopsis :
An erotic film about a couple living together with their brother-in-law.
Yeon-joo knows that her husband, Chan-jun, who often stays out of bed, is having an affair, but she is pretend didnt know this matter for the peace of the family.
Then one day, Yeon-joo, who is alone at home, is sexually harassed by a serviceman called by Kang-seo. Fortunately, she escapes from the crisis with the help of Kang-seo, who arrives late.
However, Chan-jun, who went to the police station to deal with this matter, believes in the report saying that Yeon-joo seduced him first, and starts blaming Yeon-joo and eventually ravaging Yeon-joo.
Chan-jun, who has finally decided to divorce because of this, leaves the house first, and Kang-seo says goodbye to Yeon-joo.
Yeon-joo, who was sad at her injustice, says that even Kang-seo is leaving the house, so she gets desperate and grabs him, but eventually, after confirming their feelings for each other, Yeon-joo and Kang-seo have sex to comfort each other.

Date: February 10, 2022