Extreme Lesson 2 (2020)

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synopsis :

Hye-ran, who had been tutoring at the house, finds that there is something he has left behind, and at the request of Yeong-so, he will help him study. Hye-ran and Yeong-soo, who miss each other, become affectionate lying in the middle of the class, followed by sex in the backyard. Ji-eun is frustrated when she sees Hye-ran and Yeong-soo secretly having sex in the backyard while she is feeling vaguely anxious about the sight of Hye-ran. When Ji-jin asks Yeong-soo to break up, saying he knew and witnessed his relationship with Hye-ran, he asks for forgiveness for his wrongdoing. Young-soo succeeds in accepting the forgiveness of Ji-Eun by begging him. However, it is wrong to say that the building was built during sex as hyeran. Soon Ji-eun packs up and leaves the house, and the two break up. A few months later, Hye-ran is replacing him in a house without a ji-eun, and he is happy with young and old, who are college students.

Date: September 17, 2020
Actors: Sae Bom I