Good Sisters Model (2019)

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synopsis :
Jun-seok and Jong-jin, who are photographers, are close friends. The day of filming an underwear commercial is a vital energy for them, and Jun-seok often spends a strange time working with Seon-joo as an underwear model, but Jun-seok asks Jong-jin to find a model with big breasts. Jong-jin introduces Joo-hee, who was filmed the other day. Jun-seok likes C-cup Joo-hee, and Jun-seok gives Seon-joo the contact information of Jong-jin, who is looking for a leg model…
Jun-seok and Joo-hee are filming an underwear commercial and while they are both filming, they have sex with Joo-hee and Seon-joo… Jong-jin and Jun-seok get to know each other’s clear sexual orientation while talking about models, but Jong-jin is cautioned that a woman is a breast rather than a buttocks. Jun-seok and Jong-jin work with Suzy, a model who has both breasts and body, but can Jun-seok and Jong-jin satisfy all their sexual preferences?

Date: October 22, 2021
Actors: Hae Il / James / Min Jung / Yoon Jae