Hot Extract (2022)

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Do-jin accidentally has sex with Do-jin’s girlfriend, Jo-ah, after drinking with her friend Myung-seok at a couples party. After that, jo-ah often thought of Do-jin’s things, and decided to meet Do-jin again. Do-jin also had sex with Myung-seok’s girlfriend Melody by mistake, and Melody also called Do-jin home because she missed the place where she slept with Do-jin. Do-jin said in the process of caressing Melody, “Melody will have an inexplicable hot liquid flowing down there, and I dare not go there because I am worried that my sexual organs will be injured.” Melody will figure out a way, and then sing Dojin to sleep. Although Jo-ah had sex with Do-jin, she got angry with Do-jin who was not as good as before and left. Jo-ah waits for Do-jin to have sex with Do-jin again, but Do-jin has already brought melody and bed, so he can’t keep the balance. Melody wants to have sex with Do-jin again, but Do-jin says her love juice is very hot.

Date: March 12, 2023
Actors: Jo Ah