Handsome Business Trip Massage (2023)

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Mi-na, the boss of this joint called ‘Handsome Business Trip Massage,’ is running a shop where they only hire male staff. When a customer calls in, they’ll hook them up with the specific person they want and send them to wherever the customer wants. Now, one of the guys on the team is Sang-woo. He’s a bit older, but this is his first time diving into this kinda gig. He’s never given a massage before, and he’s never been in a relationship with a woman either. So you’re wondering if Sang-woo is enjoying all this, huh?

Meanwhile, we got another dude named Tae-joon. He’s one of the staff members, and he’s got a thing for our boss, Mi-na. But here’s the twist: Yoo-jin, a female customer, got her eyes on Tae-joon. And poor Sang-woo, he doesn’t have a clue that Yoo-jin is into him. Mi-na’s got her hands full tryna figure out what to do with this whole tangled mess of employees and customers. It’s a headache, man.

Date: January 3, 2024