Second Mother 2 – Mothers Guest (2021)

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synopsis :
Yang-hwa lives in a detached house deep in the mountains, separated from her only daughter, Seo-hwa, who cannot have a son.
She is betrayed by Seol-ah, and she falls into deep sorrow.
While comforting her older brother’s close friend, Jeong-jin, who is tied to her love affair, the two grow deeper in love.
Her husband, Seong-gyu, who was suspicious of her, seduces Eun-sil and tries to dig up her, but Eun-sil is not easily revealed because of her friendship with Yang-hwa.
Jeong-jin learns of this situation and asks Eun-sil to crack down on her, but Eun-sil asks Jeong-jin to teach her about love in return…
Jeong-jin is now struggling between Yang-hwa and Eun-sil.

Date: June 5, 2022
Actors: Seung Ha / Si Woo / Yeon Joo