Hole Sister in law in Cebu (2019)

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synopsis :
Sungjin lives as a tour guide in the Philippines. Seongjin, who is not greedy in life, is always satisfied with living the day with only a handful of travelers. It is his way of life to spend a hot night with his beloved Filipino girlfriend Joy and guide travelers during the day. After spending a night like no other, Seongjin goes to the airport after seeing Joey off going to work. . As soon as I arrived in front of the airport, I could already see the squadron. Sungjin is a guide. And Mintae and Jiyeon are happy. However, Ga-hye’s expression continues to be dark. Ga-hye just talks about Min-tae’s question that her stomach is not very good. Seeing such a blessing, Seongjin is alone in thought…

Date: April 19, 2021