Housemaid Mom (2020)

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synopsis :

As Yun Lak-yun, who travels to the inn, she has a lot of work thanks to word of mouth. The dream of living in a palace-like house,’Sun’, the daughter of the universe before graduating from high school is like a dream. She seems to smile brightly at her mother, who has been the subject of resentment forever. Sun-yi’s joy doesn’t last long. It is not easy to manage the spacious house. I hate to force my mom to do housework, and she doesn’t stick to the house with excuses. I ask my mom to allow me to buy some clothes to show it to my boyfriend, but it’s hard to get. The more you eat a good home, delicious food every day, the more you want to have. Seon-i tries to beg her to ask for a pocket money from her uncle, who seems quiet and kind. I show off shoes that I don’t even wear, but the look that I don’t think is pretty. Sun-yi gets a lot of pocket money from a good uncle and goes out, but one face is dark. Whenever Sunni needs pocket money, she has to take off her clothes in front of her dying man. If you don’t, it will stop, but the water bath that has already formed will gradually grow. I feel like I’m going to lose everything if I get caught by my mom, so I get nervous.

Date: July 21, 2020