Imprisonment (2020)

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synopsis :

I was searching for the whereabouts of the people around me. Strangely, yeong-chul, a web fiction writer, finds that all of these events have begun. Sang-hee who was upset by her husband… It’s hard to tell if it’s a dream or a reality by visiting a place where you can heal at the invitation of a friend. My husband, who thought it was strange to do that, … I follow my wife’s navigation to see what she’s doing. Yourself also experiences strange symptoms. In addition, Yeong-jun experiences the experience of being in office, and has a strange experience of moving other people’s hearts and spaces. Hani and Yeong-chul’s confrontation to exhaust her boyfriend and the people around her, and the sit-in, asking Young-jun to find his wife, cannot know whether all the things that are a dream or a reality.

Date: August 20, 2020