The Secret Taste Of The Sister in law (2020)

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synopsis :
Jinju is attracted to the new tutor, Cheol-min, and seduces him, but Cheol-min has already fallen for Jin-hee, Jin-hee, her sister. Jin-hee, who was rejected by Cheol-min, is heartbroken, and Yeong-seok, Jin-hee’s fiancée and Jin-ju’s brother-in-law, comforts her. Jinju seduces Yeong-seok with the desire to confirm that she is attractive and have a sex, and Yeong-seok falls into the temptation of Jinju and rapes her sister-in-law. Jin-ju is desperate to learn that Cheol-min likes Jin-hee. She uses Yeong-seok and Jin-hee to have Cheol-min for a while.

Date: April 16, 2021