Long Time No Sex – Naked Seduction Sister (2022)

watch korean porn movie – Long Time No Sex – Naked Seduction Sister (2022) full
This 18+ Korean film about the relationship between a man and a woman who meet by chance on the street. Do-jin is a failed man who doesn’t study for the college entrance exam and just stays at home playing games. He was nagged by his younger brother about this so many times. One day, Do-jin goes out for a walk to get some fresh air from his brother’s nagging. By chance, he meets So Yeong, a classmate in high school that he often misses because of her sexy body. So Yeong is also studying for the university entrance exam. She asks Do-jin about his college exams. Do-jin gushed that he was also studying for the exam very actively and did not forget to brag about taking the law exam, a very HOT industry in Korea. In the end, So Yeong saw this and also believed it to be true and invited him to a nearby cafe to talk to each other about the exam. Do-jin also agrees but his intention is to eat So Yeong’s seductive body.

Date: September 19, 2022