Min-so’s Mom Allowed Sex (2024)

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Scene 1: This mother sees her son bringing his friend home to stay over, but she is shocked to find the friend masturbating in front of her while she is sleeping. The friend confesses that he is so aroused by her body and can’t resist the urge to have sex. Upon hearing this, the mother doesn’t get angry but instead embraces the idea of free sexual pleasure.

Scene 2: Frustrated by his wife’s constant refusal to engage in sexual activities, the man decides to pretend to go on a business trip out of town. His suspicions are confirmed when he discovers his wife having sex with her lover. At first, he is filled with anger and desires to confront the other man. However, as time goes on, his anger turns into a strange feeling of arousal. He finds himself becoming more and more excited by the sight of his wife being intimate with another man.

Date: May 15, 2024