Mixed Living (2020)

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synopsis :
Seung-hye moves to a new house that she has been looking forward to so much with her junior, Na-yeong, but is swindled by a double contract and moves in with a strange man, Soo-cheol, and his senior Hyeon-joon. Armed with powerful male hatred, Seung-hye distanced herself from the men even by dividing the house in half, but her junior, Na-yeong, falls into the hands of Hyeon-joon, a wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Seung-hye hates men’s genitals because male hatred is deeply ingrained in her brain. To this Seung-hye, she suddenly witnessed Soo-cheol’s genitals. She tries to forget it, but the penis stuck in her mind and she can’t unsee. She concludes that Soo-cheol “fooled her into liking sex” and treats Soo-cheol as a rapist.

Hyeon-joon succeeds in revealing Seung-hye’s lewdness with a powerful temptation, and Seung-hye finally gives in to her promiscuity. Meanwhile, Na-yeong attacks Seung-hye in anger when she had sex with her lover Hyeon-joon, while Seung-hye prepares a place for sex between Na-yeong and Soo-cheol for them to be fair.

Date: March 12, 2022