Mother and daughter (2020)

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synopsis :

Yeong-chul, an ordinary company member, wanted to start her honeymoon in a 31-square-metre apartment, and from college she met her aunt, Jung-hee. Yeong-chul, who has been receiving spawns for three years, wants to break up his relationship with Jung-hee when he becomes acquainted with Eun-joo, whom he met at the club, and promises to marry him. But it’s easy to break the body mixture for years at once. Instead of accepting a breakup, Jung-hee suggests that you spend the last weekend together. But Young Chul did not know. The fact that Jung-hee is the mother of the silver lord. When I heard about Jung-hee and Eunju’s lover, I realized that he was Young-chul. She was jealous of her jealousy of her daughter’s loss of her man, revealing to Eun-joo that she was in a spawn relationship with her. Eunju is as strong as her mother. I notice my mother’s jealousy and bet on who i choose.

Date: September 24, 2020