Again, First Night Of The 5Th Year (2023)

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The alternative story for “Again, My Wife’s Dark Heart” (2023).

Dong-Hyeon wakes up and can’t find his wife, Mi-na. He learns from his best friend and secretary, Junbae, that they’ve already divorced, and he’s lost his memory since a gnarly car crash back in 2018. Dong-Hyeon decides to bounce and start a fresh life. Every morning, he straight up forgets what he did the day before because of that accident. But later on, he links up with a new babe who’s mad loyal to him. Just when everything seems all good, Dong-Hyeon’s memories come rushing back, and he remembers that his best friend and wife were the ones who messed with his mind. And it turns out it was all a twisted plot by Junbae and Mina to snatch up Dong-Hyeon’s riches.

Date: January 5, 2024