Mother Exchange (2022)

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It wasn’t long before Jung-woo became close with his stepmother.
The reason why the two became close was that the stepmom saw Jung-woo’s underwear while folding the laundry and masturbated excitedly.
Then one day, his aunt comes to his house to play, and Jung-woo has a dirty mind because she has a great body like a stepmom’s younger sister.
Jung-woo was planning to call Yoo-chan, his aunt’s adoptive son and friend, to reveal his relationship with his stepmother and bring him in, but he finds out that Yoo-chan is already in a relationship with his aunt.
So, the two conspire to win each other’s mother.
Yoo-chan tells Jung-woo in advance that his aunt will be home alone, and Jung-woo goes to her aunt and threatens her to do something naughty.
A few days later, Yoo-chan, like Jung-woo, visits his stepmother who was alone at home and shows her a video of Jung-woo and his aunt’s relationship, threatening her and committing adultery things with his stepmother.

Date: December 4, 2022
Actors: Si Woo