Nara’s sexy temptation (2021)

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Uyeol and Nara are two young adults who share an intense passion for sex. But when Uyeol invites Nara to his house for a steamy encounter, they are caught off guard by an unexpected visitor – Uyeol’s strict and disapproving father. In a fit of rage, Uyeol’s father throws him out of the house and forbids him from returning until he can prove himself as a responsible adult.

Desperate and broke, Uyeol turns to his friend Nara for help. Together, they embark on a wild and provocative journey, taking on the lucrative but taboo world of paid lovers. But as their forbidden desires become more and more alluring, Uyeol and Nara find themselves dangerously close to crossing the line.

Will they succumb to their lustful temptations, or will they find a way to escape the grip of their carnal desires and find true love?

Date: March 17, 2023