one night stand (2016)

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synopsis :
Ji-yeon (Ja Eun), an interior designer, is very busy with the completion of the art museum. As she is about to get married, even though she is so tired and feels like ten pieces of her body is gone, she even took care of the preparations for her prospective father-in-law’s birthday party. Her fiance, Jae-hoon (Joo-hee-jung), is also busy, so Ji-yeon is skeptical about her marriage because of her fiancé who neglects herself. The morning of an important presentation. Ji-yeon, who overslept, drove her car to her offiice. She eventually stops because her car breaks down. A man, Jun-seok (Bae Jeong-hyeon), appears in front of the bewildered Ji-yeon. With Jun-seok’s help, Ji-yeon escapes the crisis, and after that, Ji-yeon and Jun-seok meet again at the birthday party of their prospective father-in-law. Meanwhile, Ji-yeon, angry at her fiance Jae-hoon’s notification that he cannot attend her party, drinks a lot, and Jun-seok, who watches Ji-yeon, forcibly kisses Ji-yeon, who can’t control her body. Ji-yeon, who ended up having her one-night stand unwillingly with Jun-seok, she can’t stand herself… Jun-seok, who is obsessed with her gradually, says that he only wants her and keep her for himself!

Date: March 10, 2022