Senior Couple And Exchange Sex (2019)

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synopsis :
Secret dealings with senior siblings! Tonight, dreaming of having ecstatic sex with his young wife – local college couple Won Young and Jun-seok have a lot of time left until graduation, but the two of them, who had already found a job and had nothing to do until graduation, decided to go to visit the home of their close-up senior couple, Ari and Sung-ho, who live in Tokyo for a vacation. It’s nice to be welcomed, but you’ll feel a chilly atmosphere that you don’t know for some reason. Sung-ho tells Jun-seok about a marital fight the day before, and when Zor sex that night, he explains the situation of the couple to The Sung-ho and delays him to do the next. Won-young eventually finds himself unable to resist sexual desire and is tempted to visit The Holy Lake, and When Ari sees it, she visits Jun-seok to explain the situation and suggest that the two of you have an affair. What will happen to the love of the two couples?

Date: October 29, 2020