Rape The Young Wife (2022)

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At the start of their marriage, Saebom and Wanjin seemed like any other ordinary couple. They lived a seemingly average and unremarkable life. However, as time went by, Wanjin, who was once loving and considerate towards Saebom, began to develop suspicions. He started to question Saebom’s relationship with her childhood friend Jinyoung, whom she had known for a long time.

Wanjin’s mistrust soon spiraled out of control, and he began to wrongly accuse Jinyoung of having a romantic relationship with Saebom. This led to Wanjin confronting Jinyoung and speaking out of anger, referring to him in a disrespectful manner. This outburst marked the beginning of Wanjin’s descent into an abusive behavior towards Saebom.

The once loving husband turned into a violent abuser, with Saebom suffering the consequences of Wanjin’s beatings without any explanation. The escalation of Wanjin’s suspicion and mistrust caused a rift in their marriage and resulted in Saebom facing physical and emotional abuse.

Date: February 7, 2023