Salmac (2019)

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synopsis :
There is no dream, no hope. A man in his 30s who lives in his home every day surfing the Internet and playing games. He and his great-friend Sung-joon borrow money to solve the barely-there meal. Then one day, a jackpot breaks out in Toto, where he was curious. Mun-so and Sung-joon, who were on a flight to the Philippines with a few thousand million breasts in their hands. Clubs in the Philippines. Munsu and Sung-joon meet two travelers from Korea, Gina and Yeon-hee. Two curious women who are curious about the number of people who spend money generously and Sung Jun. While Munsu is speechless when asked what he is doing in Korea, Sung-jun lies that he attends a large corporation and moonsu does big business. Two women are more likable as they listen to two men. Four men and women having a frantic night of booze and sex. In the pleasure of not being able to know whether it is a dream or a reality, Munsu passes by, completes his or her article, and sleeps in a condition that is dislocated. The next day, we all enjoy sightseeing in the Philippines together. During the tour, Yon-hee and Yon-hee talk about something separately and have a suspicious atmosphere, but Mun-so and Sung-jun don’t notice.

Date: November 29, 2020
Actors: Jin Joo / Sae Bom I