Sister in laws Sensation (2021)

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synopsis :
Newlywed couple A-yeong and Kwang-soo is at the edge of a cliff. After five months of opening a small restaurant in his brother’s cabin, Kwang-soo who struggles to attract customers even worked part-time at a parking lot to pay back the rent to his brother. After hearing about this, Kwang-choon said he will waive the store rent until the business is stable. Kwang-choon’s kindness had a different purpose, he had his eyes on his younger brother’s young and pretty wife, A-yeong, for a long time now! Kwang-choon persistently takes advantage of A-yeong’s suffering and hardships in life, and is demands her to have a physical relationship. In order for A-yeong to protect her marriage with her husband, she allows herself to have sex with Kwang-choon. During the day, she’s a sex slave to his brother-in-law, and by night, she’s a quiet hostess in their restaurant. While A-yeong walks a dangerous path between her husband and his brother-in-law’s bedroom, Hyo-seong who is suspicious of her husband’s affair was astonished by the fact that his partner was his younger sister-in-aw, and decided to have her revenge. Will the two women be able to escape the tangled web of their relationships and find true happiness?

Date: June 3, 2021