Type B, Hot And Hot Sister in law (2020)

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synopsis :
Without a man, nailsa has a hot treatment and a sex scandal between the two brothers. Who would you do tonight? As always, minsu and Young-hee go to sleep at the house of the couple, the minsu brother Kyungsu. Young-hee, who was busy on a business trip, and a number of people who went out because of work, suddenly encountered Yeonghee’s brother, Gahee, who had come suddenly while looking at his home alone, and asked him to have a beer to avoid the awkward situation of being alone in the house. Ga-hee, who used to eat beer with light water, is drunk and has sex with Kyung-so. In fact, Gahee came to seduce his brother-in-law when he was alone. Ka-hee, who is mashed from alcohol, quietly heads to the private house’s room at night. Can minsu stand gahee’s temptation?

Date: December 29, 2020