SM Couple Swapping Clinic (2021)

watch korean porn movie – SM Couple Swapping Clinic (2021) full
synopsis :
An erotic film about a couple who end up swapping because of their sexual desire.
Jeong-gyun often fights with his wife, Min-ah, because of her innate sexual desire.
He is a married couple who enjoy sex after a fight and enjoy bliss. And Minah says she will never meet another man again. But when she accidentally sees a man who was fixing her neighborhood drain, she starts playing tricks. Her husband, Jeong-gyun, was also comforted by her co-worker, who had been oppressed by Min-ah’s affair. While Min-ah is having an affair with plumber Chang-gyu without her husband’s knowledge, Jeong-gyun is also enjoying SM play with Joo-mi.
Min-ah and Jo-mi feels happy when they are beaten. One day, when Jeong-gyun becomes more and more perverted by feeling a new sexual desire from two opposing women, Jeong-gyun makes a strong proposal to Min-ah…

Date: July 23, 2022
Actors: Dahee / So Jeong / Tommy / Woo Yeol